Who are we?

CRCON Cloud is operated by NoodleArms and Squidd who are both diehard Hell Let Loose players and HLL server operators. NoodleArms is a contributing developer to the Community RCON HLL Server Management tool. Squidd is a Hell Let Loose parternered Twitch streamer.

We have been running our own HLL servers and helping our friends run their HLL servers for a long time now, and it only seemed natural for us to consolidate all of the VPS instances into one dedicated cloud server.

What are you selling?

tl;dr we will host your Community RCON instance for you for a monthly charge.

Why not use Battlemetrics RCON?

Go right ahead, many servers use Battlemetrics, we believe Community RCON provides a better experience as it is a bespoke, dedicated solution for Hell Let Loose instead of the generic one that they provide.

Why not host my own Community RCON instance?

Go right ahead, many people successfully do this every day. If you don't have the technical background to get it running, or you simply don't want the hassle we will host it for you.

We will also provide you with a subdomain - example – https://hllclan.crcon.cc for your admin tool. This has been an issue in the past for a lot of end users, as setting up the required softare for SSL certificates can be difficult.