We will now be charging a flat $11/month (this is the price you were already paying, if you are only hosting one server with us nothing has changed for you) fee per game server, with the exception of event servers that are part of an active subscription.

An individual event server is full ($11/month) price, 1 or more event servers that are part of a regular subscription are 50% off ($5.50/month) per server.

For example, you have 2 main servers and an event server = 2 * $11 + 1 $ 5.50 = $27.50/month.

For example, you have only 1 server and it is an event server = $11/month

We can host the admin interface on one of your domain names (if you own one), or one of ours. We've noticed over time that not many Hell Let Loose groups host their RCON instances behind a domain and SSL. Hosting it on a domain not only looks more professional, it's a lot more secure. If you bring your own domain, we charge a one time setup fee, there is no cost to use a subdomain, we will not allow RCON instances to be accessed through their raw IP addresses.

All monthly based RCON instances come with Discord Server Status channels.

Server Status Example

All monthly based RCON instances will also come with uptime monitors. Uptime monitors can also be hosted on your domain name or ours.

Uptime Monitor Example